Brain Injury Care

BiFulco Medical Group

The BiFulco Medical Group is a comprehensive care center that covers both medical services and ligation. As a board-certified life care planner, Santo BiFulco, MD, is skilled in both physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. BiFulco has a passion for assisting people who’ve been injured on the job or as the result of an accident and provides comprehensive physician-authored medical life care plans at BiFulco Medical Group in Tampa, Florida. He also has extensive experience working alongside patient attorneys and testifying as an expert during court proceedings.

At BiFulco Medical Group, patients receive comprehensive care for a variety of catastrophic and permanent injuries, including orthopedic, neurological, and musculoskeletal damage. Dr. BiFulco creates individualized medical plans, medical record review services, vocational evaluations, and loss of earning capacity reports. He focuses on each care plan to prepare clients for their future as an injured persons, which is vital for both medical and legal scenarios.

Brain Injury Neurodevelopmental Consulting, LLC

Dr. Brenda Eagan-Johnson, CBIST specializes in the current and future cognitive, learning, socio-emotional, physical, & behavioral aspects of all types & severities of pediatric brain injury, with over two decades of experience. Dr. Eagan-Johnson focuses on identifying the strengths & deficit areas of clinical & functional skills in children, teens, & young adults through college-age after brain injury.

CARDINAL LifeCare Consulting

CARDINAL LifeCare Consulting provides evidenced-based information—presented clearly and persuasively. We offer an array of medical-legal services including life care planning, medical cost projections, litigation care management, and medical-legal settlement consulting services. In everything we do, we pride ourselves on being objective, reliable, and accountable.

As life care plans and cost projections become more prevalent in personal injury and medical malpractice, we are prepared with a team of specialists spanning the spectrum of birth injury to elder abuse to assist you and your client- our patient! CARDINAL LifeCare was created with the mission of bringing elevated research practices and critical analysis into medically related litigation.

Resilient Life Care

The mission of Resilient Life Care is to create a safe and encouraging restorative living community for persons with brain injury where each individual can approach life with purpose.