Coaching and Consulting

Cardinal Life Care

CARDINAL LifeCare Consulting provides evidenced-based information—presented clearly and persuasively. We offer an array of medical-legal services including life care planning, medical cost projections, litigation care management, and medical-legal settlement consulting services. In everything we do, we pride ourselves on being objective, reliable, and accountable.

As life care plans and cost projections become more prevalent in personal injury and medical malpractice, we are prepared with a team of specialists spanning the spectrum of birth injury to elder abuse to assist you and your client- our patient! CARDINAL LifeCare was created with the mission of bringing elevated research practices and critical analysis into medically related litigation.


ON Point Medical Legal Consulting

Support attorneys and their clients in medically related litigation to help them be the most knowledgeable attorney in the room. We simplify the medicine, provide consultants and experts that fit their case needs, assure attorneys are never blindsided by facts in the medical record, and that they do not leave money on the table.

Helping Mass Tort and Personal Injury attorneys to navigate the Mass Tort world of vendor services

Gary Rothkopf the principal of GSR CONSULTING LLC is the former VP of Operations for a major national Mass Tort and Personal Injury firm. GSR CONSULTING acts as a consultant to the legal industry representing a select group of vendors offering services to Mass Tort and PI firms exclusively. Gary has many years of experience in dealing with these types of vendors in his former position and therefore is confident in recommending them to firms in the industry. Below is a brief listing of the firms that Gary represents and the services they offer. Please contact Gary at the telephone number or email address below if your firm would be interested in him setting up an introduction with the principal of one of these firms to discuss their services.

Vibrant Visions International

Sales/Marketing: Jumpstart getting your name, brand or company out there and grow your business with vibrant and results-driven marketing, social media and public relations campaigns.

Communication: Obtain swift, accurate, and confidential proposals, expert or social media profiles, or compelling and memorable messages that communicate your values and mission and engage your target market via corporate communications, eNewsletters or specialized promotional pieces.

Events/Workshops: Connect with your prospects, clients or audience through well-planned and promoted professional development or trade industry events or showcase your expertise through Continuing Education seminars or workshops, in-person or virtual.

Team Management: Build your team through group coaching, consulting and training for team-building, team management, transitions or project start-ups.