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BluShark Digital
Your Partner In Internet Marketing
  • Founded by Seth Price, Managing Partner of Price Benowitz who scaled his firm from 2 to 40 lawyers using digital marketing techniques. BluShark Digital uses cutting edge strategies across the four fundamentals of SEO (Technical, Content, Linkbuilding, and Local SEO) in order to help small businesses, stand out online to increase your leads and grow your firm.
Hennessey Digital

Jason Hennessey is an internationally recognized SEO expert and thought leader, author, and business executive whose ethos of “educate and empower” has earned him a reputation for excellence in search marketing since 2001. A serial entrepreneur, Jason has founded and sold multiple successful businesses, and has grownHennessey Digital from a small consulting firm into a $10MM+ business with over 120 global employees. A U.S. Air Force veteran and family man, Jason believes in sharing what he has to help others, from speaking engagements to business ventures and philanthropic endeavors.

Twelve Three Media

Our Industry Experts Know How Digital Marketing Agencies Work.

We Decided to Do It Better.

We know how other digital marketing agencies work because we’ve been there. We’ve seen firsthand how agencies secretly cut corners and farm services overseas. We know how agencies value profits over performance, quantity over quality, and templates over innovation.

Our staff is made of seasoned veterans, industry experts, and creative mavericks. We know there’s a common way to do things and a right way. We accept fewer clients than big-box agencies.

We build websites in-house, meticulously, from the ground up. We cultivate long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on communication, honesty, and results.

We take our wins personally. From website design and paid advertising to social media and SEO, every move we make is strategic, intentional, and data-driven. Our competitive approach pays off. Our clients dominate their markets.

No Outsourcing. We Roll Direct.

Other agencies secretly use white label partners and outsource work to hidden media companies. This costs you more money for work from people you don’t know. We do it better. We negotiate and buy media directly. We do it all in-house. The buck stops with us.

No shortcuts, no waste, no excuses.