Internet Marketing

BluShark Digital
Your Partner In Internet Marketing
  • Founded by Seth Price, Managing Partner of Price Benowitz who scaled his firm from 2 to 40 lawyers using digital marketing techniques. BluShark Digital uses cutting edge strategies across the four fundamentals of SEO (Technical, Content, Linkbuilding, and Local SEO) in order to help small businesses, stand out online to increase your leads and grow your firm.
Twelve Three Media

Twelve Three Media is a modern marketing agency located in the Denver Metro area. We specialize in reaching consumers at every touchpoint along their shopping journey through a mobile-first mentality. Our team of marketers understands that there is no cookie-cutter approach to successful campaigns. There is no playbook that tells you what you should be doing next. Our dedicated approach helps you to determine the best avenues that will return quantitative results. We identify top-performing marketing channels (organic, paid, social, etc.) to ensure ROI (return on investment), and ROAS (return on advertising spend). By keeping score, you can be sure your marketing expenses are measuring up to profits. With close to 100 years of combined experience, the Twelve Three Media team brings rock-solid strategies that will improve your business immediately and well into the future.