TV and Radio Advertising

CASE Legal Media
  • To craft and disseminate a compelling message via TV, Radio and Social Media channels to people harmed by dangerous drugs, products, medical devices or who sustained a catastrophic personal injury.
  • To quickly qualify potential new clients and expedite the signing of retainers so that our attorney partners can amass the power of numbers necessary for win-win tort or personal injury cases.
Network Affiliates
  • Committed to providing quality legal messaging that speaks to the integrity of our attorneys, to the greed of the insurance companies and to the hope of victims everywhere.
  • STRATEGY: As pioneers in the industry we strive to go above and beyond with customized production, strategy and service. We work hard to maintain our level of expertise and unmatched quality in the field. We push ourselves to keep your firm ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. We are committed to staying on top of your business and doing everything we can to help you succeed.
  • CULTURAL NORMS: Founded on family values we treat everyone like family. We value, respect and work hard for each other; this passion drives success for our attorneys. We are a team – we’re in this together.
Video Law Services

Michaela Miller, President/CEO, leads a team of committed former TV journalists and photojournalists to produce compelling presentations for Mediation and Trial.

Michaela founded Video Law Services, Inc. in 1985, after ten years as an award-winning television journalist. Her experience at television stations in Houston, Boston, Providence, and Jacksonville includes personal and team responsibilities as a reporter, anchor, Executive Producer, and Assistant News Director.

Our team of expert storytellers knows the viewing audience is very small, but those people make significant decisions regarding the lives of the injured.

We are proud to represent you and your clients. It’s an honor to be a member of your trial team to make sure the Defense, mediator, Judge, and jury clearly understand the liability and damages.

Our presentations have been producing winning results since 1985.