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Aaron Goes to the Police Academy

Please consider helping us with this important project – 

I am proud to introduce you to my friend and inspiration, Nahjee Grant. Nahjee and I met several years ago when he interviewed me for his local cable news show on women business owners. We hit it off immediately, and I was impressed by his positivity, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to give back to children and communities in need. Nahjee is a children’s book author and civic leader in Lower Merion, PA, who focuses on bringing people together to empower them. We have stayed in touch over the years and I have donated to his endeavors for prior books, community/education support and fundraising. 

Fast forward to now and the current BLM/anti-racism movement. My daughter is immune-compromised, and this prohibited us form participating the Black Lives Matter protests to show our support and educate ourselves better on this issues.  We wanted to do our part in this important movement, in a more long lasting and meaningful way; and low and behold I saw Nahjee’s latest project.

Nahjee is writing a new book, “Aron Goes to the Police Academy.” This is a civic-minded children’s book about improving relations between police and the community. His goal is for this book to become a go-to resource for elementary schools and police departments looking to make positive change. We want to help Nahjee reach his goals in getting this book into communities across the country.

You might be thinking…how can I help? Here’s how!

  • Visit Nahjee’s funding campaign & consider donating to his project. Send this around to friends, colleagues & family!
  • Do you have connections to school districts/schools or police departments? We are seeking help to get this book into communities across the country! Email me at

We look forward to hearing from you and garnering your support for Nahjee, his wonderful project, and equality!