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Charities We Support

We work with our community every day

We love to not only support our clients, but to support our community as well. Our firm is proud to have found great, hardworking organizations to donate to, but we continue to pursue other charitable opportunities to further improve our community at home and abroad. We donate to amazing charities not only in honor of our team, but for our loved ones and everyone else who we have been fortunate enough to meet through our endeavors.

Below are a few of the organizations we have supported through the years. While we think this is a great start to support our community, locally and internationally, we believe that there is even more that we can do. If you or someone you know has a charitable organization that you would like to recommend to us, please fill out our contact form below so that we can help our community in whatever ways we can.

Charities We Support

impact 100 logo

Impact100 is an organization founded in 2001 that unites women in chapters across the world to fund charities and local organizations. Started as a way to empower women to make a change, the organization has quickly grown to donate to more than five broad focus areas, like education and the environment. The international chapters host events with at least 100 women where each woman donates $1,000. At the end of the event, the funds that will total at least $100,00 will be donated to a local or international charity of the group’s choice. View Website >>

live like blaine logo

Modeled after a young student athlete who passed too soon, the Live Like Blaine Foundation looks to actively honor her memory in her community. Blaine’s great spirit empowers and inspires other young women to strive for greatness, whether becoming strong female athletes or strong female leaders. In a way to share her vision, the Live Like Blaine Foundation channels her bold and compassionate personality in the support projects it runs, aiming to encourage young women to lead by example. View Website >>

feeding more logo

The United States has a strikingly high number of people who go hungry every day. Feeding America operates the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief network to connect nourishing food to those who need it. At the same time, this organization seeks to help those with food insecurity by building a path to a more food-secure future with programs like school-based food pantries, emergency disaster relief funds, and other food stabilizing endeavors. View Website >>

feed more logo

Feed More is a charitable organization that makes a difference in communities by collecting, preparing, and distributing food to those in need. With a multitude of programs like Hunger Hotline, Weekend Backpacks, and a mobile pantry, Feed More helps to bridge the gap between food and the communities who need it. With more than 24 million meals served, the organization dedicates itself to providing healthy and nourishing meals to Central Virginia. View Website >>

jewish family services logo

Dating back to the 1800’s the Jewish Family Service is a nonsectarian humans service agency devoted to providing services to vulnerable individuals and families. By having a wide network of programs and opportunities for those in need, JFS helps people navigate life’s challenges through a system of integrated support. Whether children or adults, the agency offers trainings, job placements, and other forms of community enrichment to benefit people of any creed. View Website >>

vna health logo

VNA Health is a foundation committed to serving national communities with comprehensive in-home healthcare. By helping patients and their families live well at home, wherever home happens to be, VNA Health bridges some of the serious gaps in healthcare in rural and urban settings. Through recognition of common humanity, the nonprofit healthcare organization brings healthcare professionals to marginalized or under-resourced communities for helpful change. View Website >>

lutheran senior living logo

For more than 100 years, the Lutheran SeniorLife organization has served seniors throughout western Pennsylvania with physical, spiritual, and intellectual activities to improve their lives. With vibrant senior living communities throughout the state, coupled with comprehensive care options, they strive to meet their goal of helping every person live their life to the fullest. View Website >>

big brothers big sisters logo

Big Brothers Big Sisters operates under the belief that every child has incredible potential, which can be matched by creating a solid and supportive network of adults. Big Brothers Big sisters helps bring adult volunteers to children from age 5 to young adulthood across the country in order to develop positive relations with direct and lasting effects on the lives of everyone involved. View Website >>

ronald mcdonald house logo

The mission of the Ronald McDonald House is to create and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families across the globe. The charity was initially founded to meet the needs of parents who wanted to stay close to their hospitalized child. Soon after opening a few of their programs, it became clear that caring for the family of a sick child was just as important as caring for the child themselves. Now, the charity operates in dozens of countries and helps children and their families stay happy and healthy. View Website >>

hand to hold logo

Dealing with a premature child can be scary for parents, and sometimes they may feel alone in the situation. Hand to Hold helps bridge the gap for families before, during, and after a NICU stay or infant loss by connecting those who have gone through the experience with those who haven’t. With a network of in-hospital programs, articles, and social networks in addition to trained peer mentors, Hand to Hold has designed an all-encompassing approach to a difficult situation to ensure no one feels alone. View Website >>

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