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Our Testimonials

Garrett Discovery has provided exemplary services to my clients. They are extremely knowledgeable in the industry and have a business plan that makes their team directly accessible to clients. Their response time is impressive and their results are excellent….

- Michelle Mosby-Scott, Attorney & Managing Partner at Allison & Mosby-Scott

Raj got my two sport coats today.  They look and fit great as expected!  Really great stuff.

- L. Metzler, Esq.

I have been with Blushark since 2015. The results have been phenomenal for my firm. Their focused approach on SEO takes time to yield results, but when it does take hold, you will be amazed at the leads your…

- Allen Yates, Yates & Wheland

Raj, the suit was perfect! It fits in every nook and cranny perfectly. I am not an easy fit and u did it perfectly. I am a fairly experienced bespoke shopper of handmade suits and you and…

- Joseph DiNardo Esq.

Medivisuals does outstanding work that is exceptionally accurate. I would not consider using any other medical illustrator.

- Charles Monnett

Hi Raj, I received them, and they fit great! Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you again soon

- K. Biniazan, Esq.

MediVisuals is the best medical illustration firm we’ve ever used. Their state-of-the-art 3D medical animations and illustrations enable jurors to visually understand and appreciate the complex medical issues being discussed by our experts. They consistently provide us with the…

- John K. Powers

Raj, Spectacular! Thank you

- R. Finderson, Esq.

My name is John Saxon from Stark and Stark in the Philadelphia DMA. We’ve been Network Affiliates clients for over a 18 years. We love the people, we love the work they do, but most importantly we love the…

- John Saxon

I used the yesterday in deposition of ortho surgeon, Dr. King.  He was impressed by the illustrations, particularly the one of the surgery and said that it was the best he had seen, and it looked like you…

- Gene Brooks IV, Esq.

MediVisuals’ illustrations impressed my treating doctors and, perhaps more importantly, the defense attorney and his clients. The treating surgeon is a teaching physician at Duke and requested copies of the illustrations to help train his residents.

- Richard Watson, Esq.

The exhibits prepared by the MediVisuals team were impactful and compelling. I still wince when looking at them. They clearly played a critical role in helping the defense see what the jury would feel when viewing the exhibits.

- Charles B. Draper, Esq., Draper Law Office, Kissimmee, FL

Happy Holidays… The suit and shirts fit great… You will see them in Miami at the summit 🙂

- Keith Givens, Esq.

We have been very happy with BluShark and their team approach to building out a high quality website. The people at BluShark are professionals and great to work with. We have already referred several other firms to BluShark and…

- Jim Hacking, Founder at Hacking Law Practice

Garrett Discovery Inc. was professional and knowledgeable.

- Richard Fitts

BluShark are pros, they know what they are doing and have been an excellent resource for myself and our firm. They pay attention to my needs and have offered me a custom experience for my website. I have no…

- Ben Whitley, Partner Whitley Law Firm

Suits fit and look great buddy! Thanks!

- V. Howard, Esq.

We have been using Medivisuals for probably 10 years now. They are the very best at preparing medical illustrations to explain to a jury complicated medical procedures and demonstrating traumatic injuries. They are focused on the details and will…

- Eric Coffman

When I need to explain difficult-to-understand medical issues to a jury, I go to MediVisuals. Their animations and demonstrative pictures are invaluable in the presentation of a case. MediVisuals works with you to accomplish your goals in putting the…

- Patrick A. Salvi II, Esq.

Love BluShark Digital. The people at BSD make the true difference. They are committed to getting the best possible results. When I was in the middle of no-man’s land as to my website, they provided expert guidance at no…

- Don McClure, Attorney at Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr. , PLLC

Raj – My new suit is absolutely perfect. I am a very satisfied customer- in fact, I will be a customer for life. I look forward to seeing you at another conference soon!

- S. Bailey, Esq.

Hey Raj – I love my suit! You definitely will be hearing from me in that department!

- J. Givens, Esq.

Custom numbers have worked astoundingly well for us in our marketing efforts. I rely on Paul and to make sure I have a memorable phone number for every campaign. I’m not sure where we’d be without them.

- Justin Martin

Raj Keswani has been making my suits, sport coats, vests, and custom shirts for several years. I will not try a case wearing anything else. They have become my trusted friends over the years. Once you try one of…

- Nicholas C. Rowley, Esq.

MediVisuals is the best in America when it comes to Medical Exhibits–end of story!!!! Superlative quality–expedited responsiveness–smart & sensible pricing! These folks simply understand “visualizing” a case for the jury better than the rest. This is why MediVisuals is…

- John Romano, Esq.

“MediVisuals’ knowledge of anatomy and medicine is remarkable; their ability to create accurate and powerful demonstrative aids is unmatched.”     

- Jim Vititoe, Esq.

Veritext consistently goes above and beyond with the quality of their court reporters, transcripts and customer service. I’ve been a commercial litigator for 20 years, and in my opinion, Veritext simply out-performs the competition.

- Gray Robinson, P.A.

In the battle of credibility, a testifying expert witness balances the scales. And that is exactly what Mindy and OnPoint provided.

- Personal Injury Firm, New Jersey